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Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

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Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning:

Cambridge Cooling can assist you with your climate control needs, both cooling & heating with our efficient air conditioning systems.

Our highly experienced air conditioning installation engineers are fully qualified for installation and maintenance in domestic & commercial properties as well as new build.

We also specialise in R22 refrigerant replacement, to ensure you are fully compliant with EU F-Gas regulations.

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For air con installation in East Anglia:

Our team of experienced air conditioning engineers cover Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk including Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich, Chelsmford, Peterborough & Kings Lynn.

How does air conditioning for cooling work?

Air conditioning works like a domestic refrigerator, continuously removing heat from the cabinet and discharging it into the kitchen. This “free” heat can be experienced by touching the coil on the back of the refrigerator.  The principle of air conditioning is the same. A split system comprises an indoor and an outdoor unit, connected together by small copper tubing.

In Summer, the indoor unit extracts heat from the room and exhausts it via the outdoor unit outside. The indoor unit distributes cool air into the room, preventing unpleasant draughts and ensuring that the home remains cool and comfortable.

How does air conditioning for heating work?

In Winter, the reverse occurs. Natural heat, which is present in the outdoor air – even when it’s freezing – is extracted and transferred indoors. Air conditioners that are able to heat and cool are known as heat pump systems. A heat pump cuts down on the use of a traditional central heating, allowing it to be switched off, possibly completely during Spring and Autumn.

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